How Relationship with Family Members Prospered in Lockdown?

The world stood still when the first wave of coronavirus hit us hard. With the nationwide lockdown, we evidenced unexpected twists as our lives turned upside down.

The pandemic shook our minds and, we started suspecting the very existence of life. But with the world sensing plight of human life and the commercial world shut down, lockdown enhanced relationships with family members.

People residing in different cities came back to their home town, while schools got closed and exams postponed. Offices evolved with the new work culture.  And all these aspects progressed the relation with family.

Every day seemed like an ordinary day with no weekend spark. But everyone enjoyed the togetherness of family days in their ways.

By observing a different transition to how life was going on? With all the emotional turmoil, mental stress and financial losses, and other side effects of lockdown.

Let’s recall the unusual best days and how the relationship with family members changed in lockdown?

Work from Home

1. Work from Home Culture

Midst binge-watching Netflix and Amazon prime, the work from home brought relaxation to many as there was no rushing to office in the road traffic.

Offices came to our home, and our parents started realizing our work pressure and career demands. Work from home seemed the best alternates for most people. As one got to build relations with family by staying at home all day.

Whatsoever, we always wished to stay at home and bid goodbye to our daily routine life. And to our amazement, God fulfilled the wishes of many as there were no worries of the Monday morning hurry.

Cooking in Lockdown

2. Being the Masterchefs

Trying out every trending recipe, Lockdown brought happy time with the togetherness of family days. Regardless of gender, everyone instilled with Masterchefs in them by preparing authentic dishes. Howsoever, we loved serving our family members with delectable and finger-licking food. Additionally, we also developed a love for home-cooked food.

3. The Virtual Connect

But not everybody got the chance to stay with their family and foster the relationship with family members during lockdown due to sudden events.

But the digitally transformed world made families come together. With the video chats to networking on social media sites such as Whatsapp family groups, we kept in touch with the daily activities of each family member.

Likely, with enough time to spend with family members, we developed close bonds by knowing each other through better communication.

4. Engaging in Home Chores

Lockdown opened the door to inner engineering where family members wished to meditate, read books, and participate in the home chore.

From decorating homes to gardening, we harness the creative and lucrative corners of our hearts. Indeed, lockdown gave us precious relations with family while helping each other is daily home chores.

5. Change in Lifestyle

Silence of the roads, chirping of birds, and nature at its best taught us the value of organic living. By sensing peace around, it was the time to introspect and go deep down.

Members of the family cherished their hobby and nurtured the artist in ourselves. Then the others enjoyed their sister singing and brother painting. Whereas, the love for OTT allowed digital platforms to hit the maximum visitors, as they had audiences sitting idle with their favorite gadget, the smartphones in hand.

Family Time in Lockdown

6. The New definition of family Time

Chilling with family by playing games and watching movies and television soaps together, we came to the era of the world where we people enjoyed every activity together.

The quality time spent with family while, having dinner and deep conversions on family history and ancestors, made us realize the importance of family relationships. Moreover, Lockdown brought opportunity in adversity for family members to connect with one another on a greater level.

And while realizing the importance of family relationships, we gave space and respected privacy, and by these two ways, we built a healthy family relationship.

Online Schooling

7. School from Home environment

Attending school from home without wearing a complete school uniform and with no running for the school bus, lockdown changed the spectrum of learning.

How can we overlook the students in lockdown who struggled to complete their assignments, classes, and homework amidst dead lockdown? However, parents and children coped with the new challenge of school from home and the technicalities of the digital world. The lockdown gave us tremendous and incredible days of our lives.

Appreciating Corona Warriors

Lockdown Brought Families Together

Being around with family is bliss when the world is trembling with fear and unexpected consequences.

The ample of free time, and with on meeting with friends, and family, and going out, made family relations stronger. Everyone realized the importance of family relations and, in turn, intensified relationships with family members. Lastly, the happy family time gave us immense memories and delicious feast.

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